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Event Information Sheet

Some of the options below may be part of your package, if you are not sure call the office.

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What are you serving at the reception

Couple/Contact Information

**Music, special requests, announcements, games, and timelines are all due in our system TWO WEEKS before your event. Please note that we CANNOT access Spotify playlists and will not accept these or any other emailed play lists.
**Any changes made to start and end times, venues, special songs, timelines or equipment must be done via PHONE CALL. Some requests can be made through the system but should be followed by a call to ensure the change is approved and effective. We CANNOT accept emailed changes. We get MANY emails daily and the requests could get lost in the shuffle. **Please let us know if emails or invoices need to go to anyone other than the BRIDE, typically most communications go to the bride.
**Employees are not assigned to your event until 30 days before your event. If you want to request a specific employee please be sure to note that in the margins of the previous information page. We will do our best to accommodate this request as long as the employee requested is available on your event date, if not you will be informed immediately.
**Please note that once your event has an assigned employee, any changes made to your event MUST GO THROUGH the office and not the assigned employee.
**We CANNOT do ON THE SPOT equipment add ons. Employees bring only equipment that is specified for your package and emergency backups.
**EXTRA TIME may be added at the venue but must be paid for while the event is in progress before the added time begins.
**Please be sure to fill out all online planning forms, especially the vendors you are using for other aspects of your event. We are all working together and we love to be able to recommend the awesome vendors you chose to others in the future!
**Watch for emails from Crowd Pleasers for helpful tips, reminders, and pre-event verification.
**No Refunds on monies paid toward events. Should something occur and you need to cancel your event, please be aware that while you can use the monies paid in toward a future event it is subject to availability and there are no refunds. If cancellation is due to natural disaster or other environmental factors out of human control (including pandemics), full credit may be used for a future date subject to availability. Cancellations due to non-payment or breech of agreement will not be refunded or rescheduled. Should the cancellation be company initiated due to Crowd Pleasers inability to attend your event, a refund will be issued.
**We love what we do and care about our patrons, COMMUNICATION is of the utmost not hesitate to reach out, ask questions, keep us updated. We want to hear from you!

I have read, understand, and agree to all terms above.

Thanks for submitting!

Day of Contact/Coordinator information

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